Comments from students and parents

From the Parents..Olivia and medals
“My daughter really likes her piano lessons! She practices, likes her music and is definitely improving! Now, I will let my husband, the professional musician, say something…”

“She is self-motivated, shows excellent technique, she learns music theory, and plays very interesting repertoire that helps her develop as an artist, finding her own expressive voice.”



Alex and medals“I can’t think of a better teacher for my son than Dr. Melanie Taylor. In addition to her teaching expertise, I feel like she understands my son as a person and always selects music that challenges him and interests him. His progress with her over the last four years has been tremendous, and he’s always done well in recitals and auditions, even winning a little money last year! Dr. Taylor is a fine, dedicated teacher, and you won’t find a better one!”



“A teacher with Dr. Taylor’s qualifications and professionalism is a rare find. In summary, I give her my highest recommendation.”


Melanie and Maya

“Melanie is a truly gifted teacher, as well as an exceptional artist in her own right. She quickly identified an instructional approach for my daughter based on her proclivity for math–and as a result, Maya overcame her fear of music theory and made far more rapid progress than I would have anticipated. Moreover, Melanie makes strong, trusting relationships with her students that help facilitate commitment and learning. Further still, Melanie has a wonderful musical sense that informs her music selections for students, building both their technical and aesthetic sensibilities. I cannot praise Melanie’s teaching enough!”

“Piano lessons $160 a month, an upright piano to grand……listening to your child play the piano every Saturday morning instead of listening to Jay-Z…priceless….Seriously, I have no idea about technique but I appreciate the discipline and love of music Dr. Melanie Taylor has helped my daughter develop. Everything came easy to my child until learning to play the piano. Piano lessons provided the opportunity to learn to overcome frustration and develop perseverance. It has taught my child that practice doesn’t make perfect, but it makes easy.”

“You helped Anni won two first prizes when Anni learnt the piano with you just in a few months. My English is poor that I don’t know how to express our thanks to you.”



“Dr. Melanie Taylor is an exceptional piano teacher/professional. In addition to being an accomplished pianist, she is enthusiastic, kind, and a likable teacher. Thomas, our son, age 9, has had a great learning experience and we have been pleased with his progress and eagerness to continue. After a recent summer lesson (yes he wanted to take this summer!) Thomas shared with us that he had written his first opus, then proceeded to show us on YOUTUBE a video of the opus One duet he and Dr. Taylor performed, that she filmed, and posted! Thomas was thrilled and so proud, and so were we!”



And my students do cool things like this!…


From Adult Students…


“Melanie Taylor is a great teacher. She enriches her lessons with extensive knowledge, humor, and constructive criticism. As a person she is lively, fun, and a pleasure to be around. You never feel like she is slapping your wrist with a ruler when she is helping you. She has a great Steinway piano that is fun to play on. I have had 3 other piano teachers in my life and she by far has been the best. I love it!”
“I am very pleased with the quality instruction provided by Dr. Taylor of Taylor Piano Studio. I wish I had the opportunity to begin studying with Dr. Taylor as a child, as I am certain there would have been no limits to my advancement.A bit about me to give context to this review – I am an adult student who taught herself to read music and play basic songs – I am a beginner. I imagine the self-taught are a nightmare to piano teachers. But Dr. Taylor balanced my need to go back and properly learn basics (for example technique and a better way to read music) with my need to feel that I could play “real” songs and was progressing.”


“I interviewed several potential teachers before beginning my study with Dr. Taylor. I choose her for the following reasons – her professionalism, her individual approach to each student, her emphasis on technique in piano study, her thoughtful and enjoyable manner with students which creates an excellent learning environment, her common sense approach with adult students, and her performance skills. A bit about technique – she is the only teacher I interviewed who insisted I start learning technique immediately. And after three months of study with her I understand why that is critical. After only 5 weeks with Dr. Taylor, friends and family began remarking my piano playing was significantly improved. This was in large part due to the techniques I learned in those weeks. Folks would say to me – “I have heard you play that song before and now it sounds like MUSIC.” I now have an understanding of the quality of sound that can be coaxed from this instrument.


“Melanie Taylor is a great teacher.”



“Dr. Taylor is an excellent teacher! She is motivating, caring and makes you want to play better. Without a doubt the best teacher I’ve ever had!”